Asthma: advice for good sleep

When you have allergic asthma, the care to be taken with the room and with the bed is increased because it is where we sleep that the mites live: the little monsters that turn allergic nights into real nightmares.

If for us the bed is what makes us so yearn for the end of the day, for the mites, our bed is a 5 star hotel with SPA and food at your disposal!

It is the perfect place for them: the diet of these microscopic insects is just hair, hair and small scales on our skin (which are the main contents of the powder), and their dream home is a humid and warm environment - the description stoned from our bed when we sleep in it.


Make the room an anti-allergy shield
First, we have to get rid of the dust (which attracts dust mites) and have as little humidity as possible in the room, so as not to develop fungi or mold:

  • Do not adorn the room with too many decorations and objects (frames, lamps, books) that accumulate dust and make cleaning difficult;
  • Avoid carpets, especially in times of greater heat;
  • When it comes to children, be careful to keep the stuffed animals free of dust - they can wrap the stuffed animal in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer overnight to kill all the mites;
  • For bedroom windows, choose curtains instead of blinds - blinds are authentic dust magnets;